We are a small international IT organization specialized in the implementation of the latest ICT solutions at all levels of education. Our mission and main vision is developing artificial intelligence that will forever change the way we think about school education forever. The Omnibus Project we are currently working on is a solution to improve the ossified education systems with tools brought to us by modern science and technology. As we believe cognitive science and artificial intelligence are the most important of such tools. We are aiming at creating support for traditional education, creating a school of the future - customized to the individual needs of each student and contributing to increase the efficiency of teaching.


The Omnibus Project is our solution for the most crucial problem of school programs, which in our opinion is the lack of customisation to individual needs and abilities of students. We understand that creating a program that will fit the needs of each student is an impossible task at school-wide-, local- level or even within individual schools. The aim of the project is to create a tool which allows every student to get an interactive book adapted to individual needs. This is possible thanks to artificial intelligence and knowledge provided by cognitive science and psychology. The solution we are working on will allow every student, through preliminary tests and assessment of progress in solving tasks in a given field, to adjust the way of explaining the material and selecting tasks to individual aptitudes. Every student using Omnibus software on a computer, tablet or smartphone will receive the most accessible content from any school subject on any level. Our innovative technology will also help in exam preparations, by adapting the subject matter to the student's level of knowledge, allowing to focus more accurately on the areas in which given students perform poorly and to consolidate their knowledge in the areas where they are best. The Omnibus software will also provide an ability to monitor student progress by a teacher, parent, or tutor, and will allow real-time home working. Omnibus is a comprehensive and innovative solution that will transform school education.


Our international team including several members consists of computer scientists, computer graphic designers, professional teachers, psychologists and consultants – all being specialists in particular fields of school education.


The recruitment is constantly open. We contact the candidates on our own or post advertisements at universities. Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV to hr@ai-es.eu (a cover letter is not required), containing a consent to processing of personal data in the recruitment process.